Yesterday was an inspiring day! I was introduced to Josh Ross who shared his journey from country kid, to competing on the world stage.

Josh is an Indigenous sprinter, a six-time national champion, the oldest member of the 4x100m relay team at 31 completing at the London Olympics, where he clocked the fastest time out of the quartet at the Games.

Still believing at the age of 31, I was inspired by his stories and his extraordinary comeback to qualify for London. He was told many times he was not good enough and has been confrounted with obstacle after obstacle. An Olympic quarter-finalist in 2004, Ross missed the Beijing Games and began chasing a dream to become the first Australian to play wide receiver in the NFL in America.

Ross rates as the third fastest Australian of all time, after Matt Shirvington and Patrick Johnson. NOW he is determined to be number one!

He won the Stawell gift in 2003 and also in 2005 off the scratch mark, making him just the third person to win the event twice.

This glowing list of achievements is not what I was inspired by. It was the never give up attitude, self belief when others turned their backs and his ability to ride the incredible highs and lows that his sport threw at him. He spoke about spiritual fulfillment, his indigenous heritage and maximizing his potential at every opportunity.

He was very interested in what Jeanieboy was all about... I asked could I share with FRIENDS OF JEANIEBOY one of his inspirational quotes. He pulled out one of his favourite books and read this passage to me. 

I hope you take as much out of this as I did. He left me with this thought: “Be the best possible version of yourself you can be.” 

Have a great day and enjoy the passage.

Love Sarah